Adaptive Jewelry Software provides flexible setup for jewelry style configuration. The systems unique design allows for recalculation of cost and price at any metal market and with latest stone, finding and labor prices without the need for global updates - all updates performed ON-FLY when style is used in the system.

Flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows us to optimise and simplify system setup for Jewelry operations. We focus on simplicity first and flexibility second to make system user friendly and minimise data entry mistakes.

Adaptive Jewelry ERP style configuration tools are built with "self learning/setup" methodology. System learns as user enter data and can help identify data entry mistakes. This allows users to start working from the first day without lengthy setup of each vendor/parameter. As example system will save Metal Loss, Metal Surcharge, Stone Costs, Setting Costs, Labor Charges after first use for a vendor and will use them as default values for following styles. All parameters can be saved for Group Of Vendors, Vendor Specific or Style Specific.

Jewelry Style Configuration

  • Any Metal/Multi-Metal
  • Complete & Simplified Screens
  • Auto Updates/RollUp
  • Stone Details
  • Findings, Castings Details
  • Labor Cost Details
  • Manufacturing Instructions
  • Set Styles
  • Disassembly instructions
  • Vendor Supplied Components
  • Send-To-Vendor Components
  • Third Party Supplied Components
  • Phantom Components

  • Actual or Standard Weight Costing
  • Price+Increment Cost
  • Foreign Currency Support
  • Duty, S&H, Overhead
  • Vendor Metal Charges % and $
  • Vendor Specific Stone Costs
  • Vendor/Style Specific Labor
  • Vendor Specific Setting
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Sales Price Formulas
  • Sales Price By Component
  • Fixed Added Value Pricing
  • Price+Increment Pricing

  • Customer Proposals
  • Product Catalogues
  • Excel, Word, PDF Integration
  • Email, Fax Integration
  • User Defined Screen Layout
  • User Defined Style Classification
  • Multi-Picture
  • Inter-company Style Exchange
  • Unique Styles and Stones
  • Customer Supplied Stones
  • GIA, EGL, AGS Integration
  • RAPAPORT Integration

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