Adaptive Jewelry Software enhances standard Microsoft functionality in the areas or Jewelry Returns Management and Jewelry Repairs Management by providing simple and intuitive functionality for return processing, repair work order management and Quality Issues reporting. All together Return and Repair management functions allow jewelry companies to save time required for processing and provides powerful reporting to help identify potential roots for quality issues.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides advanced support for all accounting and cost accounting operations related to Jewelry Returns and Repairs management.

Adaptive Jewelry ERP is designed and developed to allow jewelry companies to simplify complex and time consuming operations. Software allows jewelry companies to identify process related issues and provide cost information associated with them. This allows companies to concentrate their effort on most expensive problems.

Jewelry Returns and Repairs

  • Customer Quality Control
  • Returns Allowance Management
  • Returns Cost Accounting
  • Return Reason Reporting
  • Return Mfg. Issue Reporting
  • Return Stone Issue Reporting
  • Barcode Enabled
  • RFID Enabled
  • EXCEL, WORD, PDF Integration

  • Return Authorisation Documents
  • Repair Sales Orders
  • Rework/Refurbish Work Orders
  • Dismount Work Orders
  • Quality Control Work Order
  • Auto. Scrap or Disassembly
  • Customer Repair Work Order
  • Quality Control Process
  • Quality Assurance Process

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