Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard purchasing functionality provides strong support for most common purchasing scenarios for supplying complete jewelry or components for manufacturing. Standard ERP functionality provides support for Blanket Orders, Purchase Orders, different methods of planning functionality and complete support for accounting.

Adaptive Jewelry Software enhances standard ERP functionality with unique jewelry industry specific functionality for metal management and metal market&actual weight price calculations, advanced support for vendor metal related charges, subcontracting and materials supply functionality for manufacturing and subcontracting work orders, 3-WAY matching of Purchase Order-Receipt-Invoice, shipments for overseas manufacturing, enhanced receiving functionality, software support for purchase and memo received unique jewelry with certified stones.

Adaptive Jewelry ERP designed to simplify work for purchasing planning and accounting departments by providing simple and intuitive software with deep level of automation and advanced planning logic. Vendor portal functionality eliminates any price discrepancies or delivery time issues before they affect company provability or customer service.

Formal manufacturing Quality Control software allows company to manage vendor product quality by providing valuable feedback information about common jewelry quality issues. Standard Microsoft software interface helps users learn system very fast, reduce operational/processing time and allow employees to concentrate on solving business related issues.

Jewelry Purchasing & Subcontracting

  • Forecast Demand
  • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Vendor Purchase Order
  • Contractor Purchase Order
  • Unique Jewelry Purchase Order
  • Purchase-To-Sales Order
  • Purchase-To-Work Order
  • Reorder Point Replenishment
  • Min/Max Replenishment
  • Weeks-of-Supply Replenishment
  • Safety Stock Replenishment
  • MPS/MRP Functionality
  • Multi-Vendor Sourcing
  • On-Click Planning

  • Supply Component to Contractor
  • Drop Ship Components
  • Third-Party Component Supply
  • Contractor Memo for Components
  • Contractor Commercial Invoice
  • 3-WAY Matching Ord-Rec-Inv
  • London Metal Market Pricing
  • Over Metal Charges
  • Actual Weight Pricing
  • Special Order Pricing
  • Partial Receipts
  • Multi-Order Vendor Receipt
  • Scrap/Dismount on Receipt
  • SQC/Rework on Receipt

  • Vendor Portal
  • Vendor Price Confirmation
  • Vendor delivery Confirmation
  • Vendor Order Expediting
  • Formal Quality Control
  • Vendor Quality Charge-back
  • On Time Delivery Reporting
  • Price Variance Reporting
  • Vendor Score Card
  • Link to Sales Order
  • Link to Work Order
  • Barcode Enabled
  • E-MAIL, FAX Enabled

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