Adaptive Jewelry Manufacturing Software contains complete set of functions to support efficient shop floor control operations for the jewelry manufacturing industry. Support for Barcode and RFID scanners minimizes user data entry and keep complete control of Jewelry job bags/envelopes on the shop floor.

Microsoft standard and simple user interface provided by Dynamics NAV ERP system allows users to learn and start working with the jewelry manufacturing software with minimum amount of training.

Adaptive Jewelry Manufacturing Software shop floor control software functions was designed based on needs of jewelry manufacturing and can be used by wide range of companies from completely manual operations to advanced automated factories. Jewelry Manufacturing Software provided by Adaptive Business Solutions completely supports M-T-O, M-T-S, A-T-O operations and provide strong support for metal scrap collection and control.

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Jewelry Manufacturing Software

  • Rework Work Orders
  • Customer Repair Work Orders
  • Dismount Work Orders
  • Special Work Orders
  • Product Development Work Orders
  • Assemble-To-Order Work Orders
  • Many Bags/Envelopes per Work Order
  • Bag/Envelope Movement
  • Splitting Bags
  • Over Issue Bags
  • Phantom Production Bags

  • Employee Time Reporting
  • Production Status Reporting
  • Production Priority Reporting
  • Supply of Components from Stock
  • Vendor Supplied Components
  • Customer Supplied Components
  • Send-To-Contractor Components
  • Machine Production With Scrap
  • Casting Operations
  • Barcode Enabled
  • RFID Enabled

  • Work Centers, Machines, Employees
  • Machine/Tools Setup Calculation
  • Metal Scrap By Work Center
  • Metal Scrap By Machine
  • Metal Scrap By Bag/Envelope
  • Scrap Collection
  • Refiner Processing
  • Broken Pieces
  • Rework Reason Codes
  • Formal QC/QA/Customer QC

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