Adaptive Jewelry Software supports customer and vendor consignment management common for jewelry industry. Customer consignment management software provides complete control over jewelry provided to customer on consignment basis and supports complete set of accounting operations and reports to simplify back office work. Vendor consignment management functionality provides similar set of features focused on simplification of user operations and provides complete accounting support for back office. System allows setting up 'Consignment Program' and eliminate most common mistakes associated with processing jewelry consignment operations.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides strong back office functionality with complete support of different accounting methodologies allowing to keep all operations in single system.

Adaptive Jewelry ERP is based on over 15 year of jewelry industry experience and simplifies all nuances of jewelry consignment management process. Jewelry Software was built based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform and provides unique rich and simple user experience for jewelry companies. Our commitment to the jewelry industry guarantees that your software will support latest most optimized operations and technology.

Jewelry Consignment Management

  • Vendor Consignment Order
  • Vendor % Partial Ownership
  • Vendor Unique Stone Ownership
  • Vendor Consignment Program
  • Vendor Consignment Reporting
  • Vendor Auto Invoice
  • Vendor Consignment Statement
  • GIA, AGS, EGL Integration

  • Customer Consignment Order
  • On Order Item Configuration
  • Customer Consignment Statement
  • Invoice, Return, Auto-Reorder
  • Over-counter Returns
  • Customer Consignment Program
  • EDI, WEB, Excel Integration
  • Link to Purchase/Work Order
  • Consignment Price Update

  • Complete Accounting Support
  • Barcode Enabled
  • RFID Enabled
  • Reporting
  • Profitability Reporting
  • Turnover Reporting
  • Consignment Aging
  • Consignment Credit Limit

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